Which Commercial Refrigerator is Right for My Needs?

A food and beverage industry mandates that you have an excellent refrigeration system in your business. Grocery stores, restaurants, catering businesses, supermarkets etc. all require having functional commercial refrigerators which keep the food fresh. If you are looking forward to buying a commercial refrigerator then there are some points which should be considered. There are innumerable types and models of commercial refrigerators which you can choose from. Here is how you can know which refrigerator serves your purpose.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators:

You should first understand how big your business is and what type of food or beverage you would be storing in a commercial refrigerator. Here are types of refrigerators which are used in the commercial food and beverage industry.

Walk-in Refrigerators – Such refrigerators are usually found in big restaurants and hotels. They require a lot of space and need a devoted big location also. Your workplace should be equipped with the right type of electricity required for the functioning if such a commercial refrigerator. There is a lot of space inside walk-in refrigerators and you can store a lot of food and beverages. So, if your business is vast and your daily crowd is heavy you need to pick this type of refrigerator.

Reach-in Refrigerators –Look like the refrigerators we have at home, but they are bigger in size and have more commercial features compared to the domestic refrigerators. If you have an average business such as a retail store, small restaurant or a café then this is what you are looking for. A reach-in refrigerator will fit in your kitchen easily and doesn’t occupy as much space as compared to the walk-in refrigerators.

Under Counter Refrigerators – They are for perfect for bars where you can keep them anywhere. There is no special big place that they occupy, just a decent little place is enough for them. Such refrigerators are economical and hardly impact energy bills.

All the above refrigerators come in different sizes and capacities. You can pick one according to your business requirement.

Style of the Refrigerator:

Commercial refrigerators are designed to suit different business needs. If you have a shop or a retail outlet then you would require a front display refrigerator so your customers can see and buy the products of the fridge. For businesses that are looking for storage of products for a longer time then it is best that they select a walk-in or chest refrigerator. Many businesses would require both.

Once you know which type of refrigerator you are looking to buy then invest in a reliable and known brand. In order to save some money, you could end up buying a wrong commercial refrigerator for your business. Investing in a good brand will cost you a bit more but then you would be saving on the energy bills. Moreover, a good commercial refrigerator will last long, you don’t want your refrigerator to get spoilt every two months.


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