Tips for Rotisserie Cooking on the Grill

Rotisseries are the best way to cook foods that are bigger in size. From a large stuffed chicken to a brisket, anything cooked on a rotisserie is tasty, cooked evenly and is moist and juicy. Rotisseries are motor enabled which makes things easier for you. Rotisserie is preferred over grilling because the meat self-bastes although you can baste it for an added flavour but you don’t necessarily have to sit with a brush just to baste the meat, like you do it while grilling any food. Rotisseries can be made both on gas and charcoal. For those running commercial kitchens here are some tips that will help you get delicious food from rotisseries.

Ensure the Food is Tied Well and Spit is Balanced

An unbalanced skewer will not rotate properly and the food on it will cook unevenly. Give some time while you tie the food on the skewer and roll it on your hands to check how it balances before you put it over flame. A whole chicken has tendencies to hang so ensure that all loose sides are bound closely so they don’t get close to the high flame else that part come out burnt.

Maintain Distance Between the Charcoal and Food

Rotisseries and indirect heat go hand in hand. The burner of the part of food which is directly under fire should be down. Another thing which can be done while using a charcoal grill is to pile the coal in one corner and then let the meat cook slowly.

A Drip Pan Can be Used for More than Just Collecting Juices

Chop some vegetables in the drip pan and let the drippings collect into it. This can make gravy out of this. Another way of using a drip pan is to fill it up with water and besides using it to catch the drippings it is useful in reducing flare-ups. A drip pan filled with fruit juice or wine will give an additional flavour to your roast.

The Lid Should Remain Closed

The lid of the rotisseries should remain closed else you are going to let all the heat and aroma escape. With the lid open your food is being cooked only on the outside while still being raw from within. A closed lid allows convection currents to flow inside and cook your food evenly.

Rest the Cooked Meat

Once the meat is cooked it should rest for sometime – 20 minutes atleast. This step is applicable and important while grilling food. Leaving it for sometime will distribute all the juices inside the meat evenly so when you cut it your meat is moist and tender. Rushing in and cutting up cooked food would give you dry and tough meat.

Meat on rotisseries don’t grill, they roast and cook. They absorb the smoke flavour and give wonderful crust to the meat that is cooked. For those commercial kitchen ensure that the rotisserie kit has a meat thermometer besides the rotisserie kit, pliers, mittens and a drip pan.


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