Benefits of A Quality Cool Room

Restaurants have invariably played a crucial role in the culture of today’s society. Every major event of life whether a personal or a professional, is celebrated in restaurants. Restaurants are more important than ever. One needs to be very careful while buying catering supply and restaurant supplies, as it ensures the quality of your food products and its long life increases the life of your profit. Whether it’s for storage or transportation, you must be on the search for a good cool storage solution to block product deterioration.

What are cool rooms or cold storage facilities for?

The one solution for the entire preservation problem is cool rooms or also known as cold storage. Cool rooms are a different kind of room where a very low temperature is maintained at all times. These special types of rooms are regularly improved and are capable of maintaining its temperature with the help of some instruments and machines.

They play a big role in the shaky game of supply and demand, in terms of decomposable goods storage for a period of time. In order to protect these types of goods, they must be placed in cool rooms to make sure that they do not get spoil.

Cool rooms are very important because they help to increase the shallow life of fresh goods. It also reduces the amount of waste and increases the marketing timeframe for these foods.


Benefits of cool rooms

  • As cold storage rooms from Alpha Catering equipment sydney are completely temperature adjustable, it can be used for different functions. By making little changes on the temperature settings, you can convert the cold storage unit into a freezer or drying room. You can maintain a constant air temperature to prevent product deterioration even from the extreme weather.
  • As cool rooms are perfectly designed to be sealed and insulated, you can rely on them to adjust it from negative thirty degrees Celsius to plus thirty degrees Celsius.
  • It provides you fully customizable storage units so that you can keep your goods or products of any shape and size with complete ease. Your cold storage unit from sydney commercial kitchens can be customized as per your requirement.

Features of quality cool rooms:

  • Adjustable and customizable
  • Equipped with Digital temperature control
  • Custom fitted shelving, to suit your requirements
  • Interior lighting and Removable steps
  • Key lockable, magnetic door handle
  • 10amp or 15amp power source, can be customized according to user requirement
  • Insulated walls and plate floor
  • High security with locked boxes
  • Can be custom built up to any size according to user requirement
  • Can be moved on wheels


Buy and enjoy the facilities of a dependable cold storage from sydney commercial kitchen equipment that enables your firm to comply with health department standards. Marketing decayed or spoiled goods could lead to legal consequences. Pay close attention to the maintenance of your restaurant supplies and it will benefit you in the long run.


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