Why Should You Buy A Glasswasher?

A glasswasher is must to have if you own a pub, restaurant or cafe especially if they are primarily based on drinks. A galsswasher is a warewashing machine that is designed to wash large quantities of glassware at a time quickly. This machine plays an important role in the cafe and pub. However, some have the idea that dishwasher and glasswasher are made to do the same task and they do not bother to own a commercial glass washer if a dishwasher is already present in their business. But this is to mention that even though both are the kitchen cleaning appliances but glasswasher and dishwasher are different in the way they clean plates and glasses.

The dishwasher washes the plates and dishes in a completely different manner than that of the glasses while it also uses high heat which is not good for the glasses and can cause damage to them. This is why commercial glass washer should never be ignored in case your business focuses on drinks.

Here are some of the reasons to buy a glasswasher:

They are good for glassware:

The glasswasher can enhance the life duration of the glasses that uses generally soft detergent and less temperature than the dishwasher while it also has shorter wash cycle which does not cause any damage to the valuable glasses. But the dishwasher uses hard detergent, high heat while the wash cycle is also faster which is usually not suitable for the glasses.

Good result:

Well cleaned glasses are highly needed in the catering supply and restaurant supplies that can impress the customers greatly. And thankfully the glasswasher ensures to wash the glasses such a way that no stain will be left on them. But if you tend to use the dishwasher in place of glasswasher for washing glasses, the result might not be fruitful always as white streak marks are very often left on the glasses that need you to clean the glasses manually once again.


Price is another important factor to consider while buying something and thankfully glasswasher is relatively cheaper than other kitchen cleaning appliances. Also, once bought the machine will help you in the business for years. Just ensure to handle it properly and it will last for years.

Saves time:

This machine can save your great time and effort both efficiently. There are glasswashers that are able to wash around 500 glasses in an hour while a more expensive one is able to offer even more quick service. Usually, a rack of glass can be washed in just two minutes. So, it can thus save your great time while the need of manpower is also reduced. This time and save money can be utilized somewhere else to fetch a good result in the business.

So, these are the main advantages of buying a glasswasher and all the catering supplies and other drink based restaurants can be highly benefitted from it. However, while buying one, consider some factors such as the level of demand and available space in your restaurant.


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