4 Common types of Commercial Pizza Ovens

One of the most important kitchen appliances in Sydney commercial kitchen is a good commercial oven for pizza. There are different types of oven’s available in the market but there are distinct ovens which have been designed to make pizza’s. They have been made to suit the needs of artisan pizza café’s and outlets and restaurants that specialize in making pizza’s. Every oven has its own advantage and every bake that comes out of these pizza’s have different tastes and the impact is different for every oven on the toppings, crust and the way the cheese melts. Here are four commercial ovens which are the best types to buy for your pizza business.

  1. Conveyor Oven:

The conveyor over moves the food products at a steady speed through a heated chamber. The temperature and speed can be adjusted so the pizza is cooked consistently. The conveyor ovens are meant to cook larger quantities of food. Radiant heat, forced air impingement or infrared heat is used for cooking.  You could use the conveyor to cook pizza on one side and a sandwich on the other. The technique used here is forced cooking which forms a layer around the food so the pizza is cooked faster while also retaining its moisture giving you a soft pizza.

  1. Convection Oven:

Convection ovens make an excellent commercial kitchenware. They occupy less space and pizza’s are made in no time. Hot air is circulated inside the oven, keeping the temperature low which is an efficient way of cooking pizzas. This type of commercial ovens takes just 15 minutes to preheat and a pizza is ready to eat in just about 6 minutes. The metal shelves present in the convection ovens reduce the heat recovery time which helps in making delicious pizzas.

  1. Deck Oven:

Conduction heat is used by the deck ovens to bake pizzas. In conduction heating the heat moves from a stone shelf to the sheet pan on which the pizza is being baked. These stone shelves are referred to as decks. A cold deck oven will take as long as an hour to cook a pizza but it would take just about 8 minutes to cook a pizza. Thicker pizzas with too many toppings would require more time. This commercial oven is perfect for baking jobs and all pizzas have a unique taste when cooked in a deck oven.

  1. Brick Oven:

One of the best commercial ovens that a pizza making store could have is a brick oven. The taste is authentic and rustic, the perfect Italian way of making a pizza. The mode of cooking used is an amalgamation of conductive, convection and reflection way of heating. The brick oven is dome shaped which lets the convection heat move naturally, the fireside conducts heat and the dome then redirects the heat back to pizza. The bricks of this type of oven are made from refractory bricks that have ability to absorb heat, which promotes slow and steady cooking.


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