How To Make your bakery popular & profitable

If you have opened a bakery and are not sure how to make it profitable then here are some of the points to help you. Sydney commercial kitchens are generally nicely equipped but sometimes they do not make as much profit as they should. So these factors need to be thought upon if you are facing the similar issue.

Look around

Firstly, look at the vicinity where your bakery is located. Are you the only one running a bakery in that area or there are other cafes or bakeries too? If yes, then you must know what is it that you are missing out on? It could be something in your menu, or the sitting arrangement or the atmosphere. To stand out among all, you have to set standards high so as to make the customers regular.

Think as a customer

Sometimes it is good to seek suggestions from your customers. Ask them what would they like you to add or remove from the bakery? Or which is the most favorite item of theirs? Also, notice that at what time your bakery remains busiest. And most importantly, at what time you want it to remain occupied? What age group makes the majority of your customers? Answers to these basic questions will enable you to work on the significant factors that affect a business like minimal left over, precise menu, and no wastage.

Also, never shut your bakery during those hours when there are maximum customers. If your bakery runs most in the noon or evening time, then it doesn’t matter much at what time you open in the morning. To enhance your sales, it is important to be actively involved during peak hours, be it late in the night. And it is good to keep closed when there are no sales.

If you notice that the over coffee shops are more crowded than your bakery then you need to rethink about your set up, menu, cost, quality, location everything which could be wrong with it.

Use Social Media

Attracting clients through social media is something inevitable for the entrepreneurs at this time. Use an official account by the name of your bakery on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. And let people know about your signature products, discount offers, menu updates, or special items for a specific season. Keep posting nice clicks of your bakery products to keep them glued to your bakery products. Also, include your official phone number so that they could contact you for orders as soon as they find something too tempting. Besides, post pictures of customers having a nice time at your bakery.

Maximize sales

It is important to understand the difference between staples and food trends. Cookies, cakes, pastries, and pie are going to remain in trend always, on the contrary marshmallows, cupcakes, whoopee pies will be counted as staples. So, it is better to concentrate on a trend of the particular time.

Try delivering your products at corporate parties to the offices nearby. Or you may also consider being a supplier to all the nearby coffee shops. These kinds of bulk orders will enable you to earn consistently even if there are no orders on some days.

It is a good idea to have some drinks in a bakery. It adds to your earnings very easily, as people tend to order something to drink while hopping a pastry or pie. But don’t make a long list of drinks; keep it confined to some basic drinks like tea, coffee which are generally preferred with the bakery products. For this, you will have to install commercial coffee machines in your bakery.

Get Ingredients in Bulk

Before buying products for your bakery, it is better to contact all the catering suppliers Sydney and know the best quote. And get stuff in bulk if you know that it is going to be required in a large amount. After all, the more, the cheaper it would be. He is one of the most ignored factors in cutting down expense and adding to profits. Also get shelves and other storage equipment for storing the bulk quantity goods.

Be a Good Employer

Being a good employer would enable you to make as much profit as any other factors. When employees are satisfied with your behavior, and with their pay then they will put in their best efforts for the overall profit of bakery. They will cling to the job for a longer period of time which shall add to your profits.

Sometimes a higher pay scale also helps you retain the employee. And it is important to realize the fact that bakeries do not have the culture of tips. If they are providing satisfactory services to the customers then you should consider giving them perks. Also, try to keep a record of who did maximum sales and accordingly increase their pay.


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