Inevitable Commercial Catering Equipments

Here are some of the inevitable catering equipment, which you just cannot miss while setting up a commercial kitchen.


Bench tops are the most useful objects of a commercial kitchen. Metal benches are preferred by people over stone, concrete and timber ones due to their durability and cost effectiveness.

Metal kitchen benches are made of stainless steel which increases their life and it is now employed at homes as well.

Timber benches are made out of planks, but it requires expertise to give it an aesthetic and creative look. While choosing hardwood one has to be careful about the resilient wood otherwise it gets damaged quickly. However, timber is known for its soft surface which is good for fragile crockery.

Commercial Display cases

Displays are an integral part of the kitchen if the owner intends to sell certain edibles. Displays not only steal the attention instantly but also act as a ploy for sales. After deciding upon the menu, it will be easier to pick from a non-refrigerated display case, refrigerated display, dual temperature case, heated display case.

Non-refrigerated display cases are essential for storing stuff which doesn’t require any temperature, but may get stale if remains unstored properly.

Refrigerated cases are used to keep bakeries, sushi bars, delis and a lot more. The consumer should be able to see the products so that they could be served what they wish to grab.

Dual temperature case allows storing different merchandise at a proper temperature and it doesn’t require navigating.

Hot food display case is required for buffets, as it convinces the consumer about its safe temperature.


Be it a movement of food or serving of food, trolleys make the overall functioning smooth. Waiters make the table available to customers by cleaning them as soon as they get free from the previous customers.


Small countertops are also significant for quickly winding up the monotonous tasks regularly. One may decide upon the menu first and then finalize some of these counter tops such as chip warmers, popcorn maker, crepe maker, chocolate fountain, donut fryer, rice cookers, conveyor toasters.

Know about the inevitable commercial catering equipment for your commercial setting, without these you cannot think and execute a successful plan.


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